Markus FX Group Announcement

The ‘Tomb of the Pharaohs’ Forex Investment Multi-level Network Affiliate Marketing Scheme (MFX) is making it official that its current business model has ended, along with your hopes and dreams.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my members. I truly appreciate the loyalty, dedication and above all, money that you have given to me,. Your immense leadership and gullibility has helped to shape the culture of our company, bought me several nice cars and paid for my new beachfront property.

MFX is honouring all the members who trusted in the company in spite of numerous red flags and warnings from concerned friends and relatives. Thank you for never googling the phrase ‘due dilligance’, despite using it constantly.

There will be an ongoing process where it dawns on you just how stupid you have been. Remember that money isn’t everything. Maybe the real profits were the good friends that you lost along the way.

Once again, thanks for the cash, suckers. 

Love and Kisses,